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We build legal tools so that young people who face injustice can use use the law for power and protest. 

What will you do?

Youth face injustice every day.

The United States incarcerates more children than any other country in the world. The largest school systems in our country remain the most racially segregated. Young people live as the poorest age group in America, with children of color, children under five, children of single mothers, and children in the South suffering from the highest poverty rates.  Over 90% of the civil legal of low income youth go unmet. All of this is happening on a planet in a climate crisis, devastating marginalized communities.

In the face of these intersecting injustices, thousands of young people have mobilized and protested— more than ever before. Peer Defense Project works so that all young people can use the law in their fight for justice and for their lives.

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